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January 27, 2012 | by James Arger | 1 comment


Competing Views

If you have worked in journalism, this is a situation you’re probably encountered. You have a story. It’s a good story and you’ve been working it for a while. And then, out of the blue, something unexpected comes up. A witness who had been missing, new information surfacing, small discrepancies more

January 25, 2012 | by James Arger | 1 comment


A Case of Life and Death

1935. In order to respond to the EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) article published in May, Erwin Schrödinger publishes “Die gegenwärtige Situation in der Quantenmechanik (The present situation in quantum mechanics)” in Die Naturwissenschaften. The three-part paper covers a lot of topics linked to quantum mechanics, but remains famous to this day for more

January 20, 2012 | by James Arger | 1 comment

Gustave Doré - "Orlando Furioso"

Of needles and haystacks

Remember the Christmas thrills you had as a kid? That special time when you were holding your breath to see what presents were waiting for you under the tree? That flutter in your chest, as you tore off the wrapping and finally found out what it was you had received? more

January 13, 2012 | by James Arger | 0 comment

Mount Baker Crater

Turning a new leaf

I know it’s been almost a month since our last update, but don’t count us out yet. Away from the World Wide Web, we’ve been working. And while the eyes of the mainstream media were turned to the end of year celebration, we were trying to get to know more more

December 9, 2011 | by James Arger | 0 comment

Divina Comédia X, Gustave Doré

Days gone by

It used to be a simple world. East versus West, us against them, the Free World and the Communist Bloc. We had the American Dream, they had the Five-Year Plans for the National Economy. We knew who our enemy was, and we knew which ideals we stood for. But History more