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November 14, 2011 at 9:56 am #323
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Freedom – especially freedom of speech – is something we should rightly treasure. And freedom always comes with a price, these forums are no exception: we need to abide by a set of simple and common sense rules, so we can all have our voice heard.

Each rule is stated as explicitly as possible. Should anything remain unclear, do not hesitate to post questions or feedback here. In the future, we’ll see if we need anything else (such as an F.A.Q. or such).

1. Be respectful
Remain courteous and kind (i.e., refrain from using profanity, calling someone out, lewd comments or submitting any non-constructive posts or comments). If you have a disagreement with someone, discuss it with them through the private messaging system.

2. Stay safe
Do not give out your personal information such as telephone number, address, or last name.
I know I ask for your country, town and d.o.b., but that’s all. I want everyone of you to be safe, so don’t be too specific, and be cautious of the avatar you’re gonna use.

3. Do not attempt to scam or hack other users
This includes attempting to give out or obtain passwords to your or someone else’s forum account.

4. The following is not to be posted under any circumstances:
- Links to malware, spyware, trojans, viruses, or anything potentially harmful.
- Links or references to pornography, R rated content, or illegal content.
- Advertising or links to commercial websites or fan pages.

5. Don’t spam or flame
Spam includes:
- Posts with less than five words.
- Posts not relating to the topic or not adding to the topic.
- Duplicating a topic when an existing one already exists

6. Images in forum signatures may only be 450 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height. Signatures may only contain up to two images, each no more than 75kb in size. In addition, signatures may not contain more than ten lines of BBCode/text, 80 characters per line.

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