¶1. (C) SUMMARY: The woman seen in multiple surveillance photos with POI ‘Grigori’ has been identified as Hanna Mak. All available info included. END SUMMARY.

¶2. (C) CIA analysts working in conjunction with INTERPOL and FSB have identified the woman seen in multiple surveillance photos with ‘Grigori’ as Hanna Mak, age 28. Originally from Kharkiv in Ukraine, it appears Mak moved to Moscow two years ago. She has no criminal record, INTEPOL file, or other flags. Analysts are still in the process of determining how and when she met ‘Grigori’ as well as what role (if any) she plays in his criminal activities.


¶3. (SBU) At the age of 20, Hanna married Kyrylo Mak, whom she met at the Russian Orthodox church she attended. Two years later, the couple had a son they named Bohdan, after her father. Around this time, Hanna graduated from the Kharkiv State University of Science and Technology. Soon after, she received a job as a researcher at the Kharkiv Institute for Medicine where she quickly worked up the ranks to become Lead Researcher.

¶4. (SBU) Two years ago on November 12th, a ground of Ukrainian separatists known as the Ukrainian Freedom League detonated bombs in four different Russian Orthodox churches throughout Kharkiv. In total, 32 people died and 78 injured. One of those churches was the one which Hanna attended with her family. Hanna and her family were attending services at the time. Hanna was severely injured but eventually able to pull through. Her husband and son were killed.


¶5. (SBU) After the church bombing, Mak quit her job and moved back in with her parents. Little documentation exists on her for this perid except for a government substance abuse rehabilitation form. According to the document, Mak checked herself into rehab (citing alcohol abuse) for a week and a half before checking herself out. Soon after, Mak moved to Moscow.

¶6. (S) Upon moving to Moscow a year and a half ago, Mak secured employment as a waitress and held the position for seven months until she suddenly left. She also moved out of the apartment where she had been staying. After this time, her whereabouts and source of income are unknown. Analysts assume it was at this time that she met ‘Grigori’ but are unable to confirm this.


¶7. (C) While ‘Grigori’ remains unknown, the identification of the woman closely associated with him may be helpful in the future. While the connection between the two is unknown, the answer may lie in the work she did for the Kharkiv Institute for Medecine. A first glance indicated no connection but further exploration is required. Additionally, the deaths of her husband and son may offer some insight which would help at a later date in turning her. Additional intel would be required to know for certain. The largest question is in regards to the exact nature of the couple’s relationship. The two appear to be a very odd pairing: a grieving widow and an international arms smuggler. If the relationship is in fact purely romantic, this office advises a psychological profile be created (albeit with limited access) to determine how strong her dedication is to the target. END COMMENT.

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