¶1. (C) SUMMARY: Post details recent movements by subject Hanna Mak, woman seen on multiple occassions with POI ‘Grigori’. Cable focuses on recent Ukraine trip by Mak. END SUMMARY.

¶2. (C) This office recently identified Hanna Mak as the woman seen in surveillance images with POI ‘Grigori’. An investigation is in progress to determine the exact nature of the relationship between Mak and ‘Grigori’, specifically if it involves criminal activity. In conjunction with the probe, a shadow team was assigned to keep tabs on Mak’s movements.

¶3. (C) On February 12th at approx 4pm, the team observed Mak making a call from Cafe Pushkin in Moscow. (NOTE: Initial attempts to tap Mak’s cellular have failed. Analysts believe Grigori may be providing Mak with new disposable cell phones on a weekly basis to avoid detection. All audio intel thus far has been obtained via external recordings / eavesdropping. END NOTE.) During the call, Mak appeared to be conversing with Grigori. She told him that she would be unavailable this weekend because she was going away with her friend “Karolina”. Agents were unable to determine the tone or nature of Grigori’s response to this.

¶4. (C) Agents were able to identify “Karolina” as Karolina Frinovskii — a hair stylist at a salon Mak patronizes. A tap into Frinovskii’s Blackberry Calendar and To Do List revealed five appointments for the upcoming weekend. The appointments included attending her son’s hockey game, going to a cousin’s baby shower, restaurant dinner reservations with her husband, Thank You cards to write, and a shopping list for an upcoming dinner party. None of the data included any mention of a weekend excursion with Hanna Mak. Moreover, Frinovskii’s phone did not even have a contact entry for Mak.

¶5. (C) In the early morning of Friday, February 16th, the shadow team observed Mak leaving Moscow. She drove out of the city, traveling south on E95. She continued driving for more than nine and a half hours, stopping only to use the restroom and get gas. At around 3PM, Mak stopped at a motel just outside of Kharkiv, Ukraine. She retired for the night, only leaving once to purchase a bottle of vodka from a nearby liquor store. Kharkiv is the city in which Mak was born and lived until a year and a half ago (Reftel CAB131).

¶6. (C) During this period, the team noticed a group of three men keeping watch on Mak’s room from the south parking lot of the motel. One of the men was identified as Andrey Dorogoi, bodyguard to Grigori. Based on the clandestine approach of the men, agents believes that Mak was unaware the men were monitoring her.

¶7. (C) At approx 10:15 the following morning, Mak was observed leaving the motel and driving into the city of Kharikov. She stopped once to purchase flowers before continuing to the #2 cemetery. Agents observed Mak approach the headstones for Kyrylo and Bohdan Mak, her husband and son. Noticing the pristine condition of the headstones and graves, Mak walked to a nearby cemetery worker and asked him who had been caring for the plots. The worker didn’t appear to have any idea. Mak returned to the graves, sitting in silence for approximately thirty-five minutes before placing the flowers and leaving. At this point, Mak drove back to Moscow.

¶8. (C) A follow up inquiry was made into the financial and security records of the cemetery. It was discovered that a company called (rough Ukrainian translation) ‘Memorial Cleaning Services’ had been hired to tend to the plots on a daily basis. A financial trace was done on the payments to the company, going to a large bank account in Moscow. The owner of the account remains unidentified due to constraints with the GOR but analysts believe it to be Grigori.

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