¶1. (C) SUMMARY: A source within the FSB has identified a “beyond-black” Russian military unit with extensive training and advanced equipment. Intel is very limited. END SUMMARY.


¶2. (C) On April 6th, the NSA received a communication from a confidential source in the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation). The mole identified the possible existence of a “beyond-black” Russian military unit with extensive training and advanced technology. According to the comm, the unit (potentially codenamed ‘Bodark’ – a Russian word for ‘werewolf’) is made up of the most skilled soldiers chosen from the Spetsnaz Group Tchyorniy. While the global intelligence community is aware the unit exists, knowledge of their actions is highly limited. Obviously, the GOR denies the group exists at all. It is believed that the Bodark is deployed on a by-mission basis, rather than as a standing unit.


*[NOTE: All of the information in this section is speculation based on analysis and theory with no concrete evidence for verification. END NOTE.]

¶3. (C) The following is a list of possible missions this office believes the Bodark may have been involved in:

¶i. (C) In October of last year, a group of 23 Solntsevskaya Bratva members (Russian mafia) kidnapped the Syrian ambassador to Russia in Moscow. The motivation behind the kidnapping is believed to be connected to a recent alliance between the Russian criminal organization and Chechen terrorists. During the kidnapping, a firefight resulted in the deaths of eleven police officers and seven civilians, resulting in the kidnappers escaping with the ambassador. Six days later, GRU officials arrived at an apartment complex where they found all 23 Solntsevskaya Bratva members dead and the Syrian ambassador, unharmed.

¶ii. (C) In December of last year, 14 members of the Chechen Brotherhood in Mahachkala were found dead in an underground base. While numerous weapons were found, no one in the area reported hearing any shots fired. No formal investigation was launched.

¶iii. (C) In last January of this year, Zambian warlord Lawrence Bukose and two of his associates were killed outside of Chingola. While local law enforcement determined the deaths were a car accident, a single well-placed gunshot was found in the engine of the SUV. Bukose had been involved in a violent rivalry with warlord Dede Macaba.

¶iv. (C) On March 11 of this year, a group of ex-soldiers attempted to traffick 26 women (mostly from Ukraine) via a port in Azov. Around 2:40AM, local police received several calls about gunshots and screaming from a boat. When port police boarded the vessel, they found the 13 ex-soldiers dead and trafficked women freed from a shipping container. When the women were treated by medical services, one reported being helped by a small group of men dressed in black with masks over their faces.

¶v. (C) An NSA analyst reported rumors that in May, an attempt was made by REDACTED to release spores of the pathogen Tularemia in a crowded section of Yekaterinburg. He claims that attempt was thwarted. No record or documentation of such an incident exists.


¶4. (C) The possible presence of above mentioned “beyond-black” Russian military unit (codenamed ‘Bodark’) is highly alarming to this office. While the intelligence community has long believed such a group exists, little to nothing was known about them. The potential for clashes overseas and within Russia could be extremely damaging to US interests. Situation must be monitored closely in an effort to discover the true usage for this unit. Once more intel is obtained, a plan of action will be recommended. END COMMENT.

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