CAB153 / Italy / Report on L/A/I by ARGER, JAMES D. (Ref. FJ-JDS681031) per DHS 1337



CIA 55776: DECL:50-1(d)
DHS 1337
DOS 113839

April 19, 2012

To: DAD Carson Wayland
From: Terri Burns, ACS Naples
Cc: ASA Thomas Lovelady, OTFI

Report on L/A/I by ARGER, JAMES D. (Ref. FJ-JDS681031) per DHS 1337

1. SUMMARY: No local activities of interest in Naples by subject ARGER, JAMES D. or by K/As since 2004.

2. PRODUCT: Per request by DHS (Ref. DHS 1337), Naples Station sieved OSINT and TECHINT, including local consular, port of entry, and criminal databases for activity by subject ARGER from 1/1/2008 to present. Local OTFI liaison also examined financial transactions via Italian and Albanian banks.

2.1. No record of ARGER, known associates of ARGER, or financial transactions by ARGER in Italy found in Class 2 or Class 1 sieve.

2.2. ARGER last entered Italy on 7/5/2004, entry at Rome. ARGER visited Naples NATO HQ on 7/7/2004 as part of accredited press pool. ARGER departed Italy on 7/9/2004, departure from Rome, destination Amman, Jordan.

3. ASSESSMENT: Any connection between ARGER and Naples is second- or third-hand at best. Based on his file, ARGER does not have the financial resources or LOC contacts needed to evade a Class 1 sieve.

3.1. Determining second- or third-order activity by K/As of K/As of ARGER in Naples over the requested time period would require additional taskings at DD/CIA level.



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