¶1. (C) SUMMARY: Intel on previously unknown bodyguard to POI ‘GRIGORI’. Subject has been identified as Andrey Dorogoi. Bio and risk assessment included. END SUMMARY.

¶2. (C) While ‘Grigori’ remains unidentified, INTERPOL operatives working in conjunction with FSB has identified the man seen in recent surveillance photos with Grigori, presumably his bodyguard. The bodyguard, whose birth name was Andrey Dorogoi, was difficult to track down due to a expansive identity change he made two and a half years ago. Dorogoi is former Russian Mafiya.


¶3. (C) The FSB was only able to locate two documents from the time of Dorogoi’s childhood. (NOTE: The lack of documents is unsurprising considering how much was destroyed or went missing around that time. END NOTE.) Both documents pertain to Nina Dorogoi, Andrey’s younger sister. The first document (reftel 1B) is a death certificate for Nina, killed at the age of three. Cause of death is listed as ‘multiple strikes to the skull and face area’. The second document (reftel 1C) is an investigation report filed by the Militsiya (local police at the time). While the IR is in poor condition with several sections indecipherable and missing; it states that officers arrived at the residence following a call of a foul smell from a neighbor. Upon entering, police found Andrey (age 7 at the time) sitting in an armchair, covered in blood, skull fragments, and pieces of brain tissue. Andrey claimed that he found Nina when he arrived home and didn’t know who murdered her. Police continued to interrogate Andrey for several more days but were unable to gain any additional information. While they suspected Andrey was responsible, an alibi provided by his mother and a lack of murder weapon made it impossible to charge him.

дьявол BRATVA

¶4. (C) No additional documentation on Dorogoi exists until the age of 17, at which time he was arrested in St. Peterburg for armed robbery and sentenced to five years in Kresty Prison. While in prison, he joined дьявол BRATVA criminal organization. Officials believe he continued activities for the syndicate after he was released, participating in the illegal oil trade, weapons smuggling, drug trafficking, money laundering, and contract killings. The FSB suspects he was involved in the murders of more than nineteen individuals – including the Ukrainian Ambassador, Theodore Kohut.

¶5. (C) The FSB believes that three years ago in August, Dorogoi killed Lev Nikolaevich, a fellow member of дьявол. Because Russkaya Mafiya law dictates that you can only kill a fellow member with approval from a boss, a contract was placed on Dorogoi’s head for 10 million RUB.


¶6. (C) INTERPOL suspect that Dorogoi was able to gain access to a new birth certificate, social security number, and passport through his connections in St. Petersburg’s black market – all under the alias ‘Viktor Guznishcheva’. Additionally, based on a drastic change in his appearance, analysts believe he may have undergone laser tattoo removal, facial reconstructive surgery, and even acidic fingerprint alteration. His whereabouts between this time and the forementioned surveillance photos is unknown. More importantly, this office has yet to determine how and when he came under Grogori’s employ.


¶7. (C) While the identification of Andrey Dorogoi as Grigori’s bodyguard is certainly a major step for this office’s investigation, many larger aspects remain yet to be determined. Particularly the nature of Dorogoi’s work for Grigori, especially if it goes beyond typical bodyguard duties (which it most likely does). That said, this office has gained a significant advantage from this intel. We now have the ability to leak Dorogoi’s new identity to counterparts within the Russian mafia. Such a move could provide necessary collateral damage to Grigori, should the need arise. END COMMENT.

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