CAB027 / United States / POI UPGRADE REQUEST 301-17975

¶1. (SBU) Summary: Post is a brief profile of independent contractor and weapon smuggler POLEMOS. End summary.

¶2.  (S/NF)   This office assesses that POLEMOS is an independent contractor, probably with affiliations with elements of the Russian military.  POLEMOS is thought to have been operating in or around Afghanistan for approximately five years.  Recently, source reporting has provided positive information on where POLEMOS might be residing, while additional intelligence has corroborated POLEMOS’ past implication in the sale of GP-30 40 mm grenade launchers to the Altiplano Cartel in Bolivia.  It is this office’s opinion that POLEMOS is part of the Avocado Ring, and as such should be upgraded to a Person of Interest.  POLEMOS’ actual identity is currently unknown.

¶3.  (S/NF)  In Greek mythology, Polemos (Πόλεμος; “war”) is the Daemon or god of war, brother of Enyo and the father of Alala, goddess of the war-cry. In a fable by Aesop, Polemos marries Hybris, female personification of arrogance and impertinence. He was said to be a part of the company of war spirits which haunted the battlefield.

¶4.  (S/NF)  The Avocado Ring is an international network specialized in the traffic of military-grade weapons and munitions.  Operatives of the Ring have been identified in Russia, Ukraine, Central Africa, Bolivia and Mexico.  Their name originated in their use of avocado oil shipments for smuggling weapons (see Ref. 28810).

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