¶1. (C) SUMMARY: Target intel and current location for terrorist Irena Morales. END SUMMARY.

¶2. (C) Recent intel from field operatives indicate the recent presence of terrorist Irena Morales in Mexico. Agents tracked Morales to a Spanish Mission in San Joshua del Mosquiera. She is believed heavily armed and dangerous.

¶3. (C) Irena Morales is the terrorist ringleader responsible for recent attacks in Bogota, Columbia – including the bombing of the French Embassy. A video obtained by this office depicts another incident in which she is seen executing several hostages, including a professor from the nuclear research facility at the National University of Mexico. All hostages had been reported kidnapped days before the time stamp on the video.

¶4. (C) While info on Morales’ background remains spotty at best, analysts have been able to piece together a basic timeline based on past incidents and known involvements. According these reports, Morales parents were both political activitists who met at a rally for workers’ rights in Mexico City. They were involved in several peaceful politically organizations throughout Mexico. When Irena was six years old, both parents were killed during a rally in which protesters clashed with federal police, resulting in over a dozen deaths. Following the deaths of her parents, Irena was sent to live with an aunt. From the ages of 14 to 19 Morales was heavily involved with the Los Similares cartel. She appears to have initially worked as a smuggler before graduating to a contract killer. Around this time, Morales is believed to have been romantically linked to Felix Gutierrez, a high-level bomb-maker for the cartel. Gutierrez most likely taught Morales the tricks of his trade before he was killed while in DEA custody. No records exist on Morales activities for a six year span but analysts believed she was most likely using her cartel contacts to expand into domestic and international terrorism. The next time Morales surfaced was in Chingola, Zambia where a bomb detonated inside a government building, killing seven people and injuring twelve others. While a local militia called the Zambia Peace Council took credit for the bombing, a CIA analysis of the explosive ordinance revealed a striking resemblance to similar devices created by Felix Gutierrez. Further inquiries led to evidence that Morales had been present in the country but at the time of the attack was gone before the investigation began. Morales’ name once again popped up in Russia when she was linked to the attempted purchase of several SS-27 missiles from military stockpiles. US agents stopped the arms deal from taking place but were unable to apprehend Morales.


¶5. (C) The intel on Irena Morales’ current location is both a relief and a huge red flag. Morales has evaded the US government for several years and a chance to capture her should not be put off. That said, this office strongly advises an immediate investigation into the reason for Morales being in San Joshua del Mosquiera. While many of Morales’ terrorist activities have been brazen, never before has she attempted an attack so close to the US border. It is extremely important that not only do we uncover Morales’ intent in the border town but also any accomplices in the vicinity. If Morales is planning an attack, as she most likely is, we must not allow anyone else to carry it out after she is in custody. For these reasons, Morales must be taken alive.

¶6. (C) Due to the international nature of Morales’ activities, we advise the deployment of ########### for her apprehension. As stated above, Morales must be taken alive for further questioning.

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