WLG031 / Russia / 156-211

Russian infantry reports growing increase in criminal activities, neglect, and internal conflict among ground forces. Systemic since time of Soviet Union: draft resistence forced GOR to enlist men with criminal records or who spoke little to no Russian. Additionally, large percentage of Kontraktniki (PMC) units in use (40% of ground force), receiving much larger salaries than infantry but doing much less work with no oversight. Poor training causing hundreds of serious injuries and dozens of accidental deaths. Little respect for chain-of-command due to rampant abuse of power. Both infantry and Kontraktniki are thought be selling off food, fuel, weapons, ammunition, and sometimes stripping vehicles (including planes) to sell scrap metal. Other crimes include weapons and drug smuggling, bribery to avoid service, extortion by senior officers, and in some cases, reports of contract murder for criminal organizations. NFTR.

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