WLG011 / Zambia / 109-450

(Delayed Reporting) ZP reports that their Headquarters in Mwinilunga was attacked last evening by approximately 17-18 AMF.  The dispute between the local ZP and AMF allegedly was a result of a reporting by commuters on M8 that the AMF were extorting money and goods at checkpoints in Mwinilunga.  It was reported to ZP that AMF stole up to ZMK50,000,000 from local commuters.  The issue was then passed to local ZP. As a result of the attack by AMF on the ZP HQ 3 AMF were killed (including one Angolan national), 3 AMF injured, and 2 ZP injured.  A critically injured ZP officer is awaiting MEDEVAC to a role 3.  The injured ZP officer (Chritson)is the brother of the Mwinilunga Chief of Police (Levy Banda).  MONUZ expects retaliation on the part of the ZP for this action.

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