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April 25, 2012 | by James Arger

Big Brother

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The information age is upon us. What was but a visionary’s tale in the 60s, the Internet has made a reality. Be it the latest news from the other side of the world, expert studies on complex issues or obscure works from classical poets, it’s all out there at the reach of our fingertips — only a smartphone screen away. One thing that very few had expected though, is that we would become information ourselves. Information to be collected, cross-referenced and analyzed. We become consumer profiles. We live as purchase patterns. We exist in databases.

(And strangely enough, most of us have come to accept this state of things. We give away our privacy in exchange for commodity. Sometimes, for the sake of safety, we even encourage it. We want more surveillance, because we don’t have anything to hide, and those who are against it certainly don’t have a clear conscience.)

What is more, we have come to believe in the efficiency of the system. Every week, TV shows make a point to leave no mystery unsolved, no victim unavenged, no crime unpunished. And when things go wrong in the real world, when those safeguards fail, when the unthinkable happens… we still believe that, whatever the cost, whatever the injustices it can cause, whatever the sacrifices in privacy we have to make, the system can work. The system has to work.

The reality of it, is that the system is flawed — and not just because it’s being used, more often than not, to suit one’s political agenda. It is flawed, because deep down, all this information is just that — information. And information can be manipulated. Witnesses can be bribed. Alibis can be changed. Evidence can be fabricated. And, ultimately, reality can be faked.

I have been accused here of being a corrupt man, a traitor, and finally a murderer. Well, my efforts over the past weeks have paid off. My sources have delivered, and those accusations are now exposed for what they really are — outright lies and fabrications. My name might have been cleared now, it doesn’t mean that attempts to silence us or to bring suspicion on our motives in bringing the truth to light will stop. But it’ll take more than that to stop what we started with Warmongers, inc. And whatever they throw at us, we’ll endure — off the grid, under the radar, but still broadcasting.

Welcome to Warmongers, inc.
Welcome to the real world.

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April 25, 2012

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