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April 19, 2012 | by James Arger

These things take time


Journalism is mostly about waiting. Not idly waiting for something to happen, but waiting for a break. Finding a witness, locating important information, or suddenly making sense of obtuse references — all those can make the difference between unconnected facts, and a full-fledged story with the power to change the way things are. Sometimes, it’s only a question of time — and in a job where one is always working under the threat of an impending deadline and where patience is a necessity time can be an unaffordable luxury.
But I’m rambling. It’s been a long time since I last posted here, and I thank you all for your patience. As you all know, some serious allegations were made against me on this site and elsewhere and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I reactivated some old sources, checked up on former contacts and met previous acquaintances to try and understand the who and the how of all this. It will take time, but I hope it will eventually pay off and I’ll be able to prove my innocence – even though it won’t guarantee we’ll have clear skies ahead of us.

After my extended road trip over the past weeks, I was looking forward to coming back to my den — you know, enjoying the cozy familiarity of your own place, even if it’s only a spartan desk with a few computer screens and a squeaking printer. It’s always a welcome change after living on the road, which usually means half of your sleep happens in hotel rooms and the other half in airport lobbies. Turns out I’d have to wait a little longer for my well-deserved R&R.
That said, coming back to Detroit, I certainly wasn’t expecting my office to be under serious police lockdown. They were rather discreet, but I spotted the uniform standing in the entrance just as I turned the corner. I made sure to keep my head down and walked by without looking. That was a close call, but after working with winterm_te I’m not surprised that some of his paranoia rubbed off on me – then again a little paranoia can be a good thing in this line of work. And as I was about to find out, sometimes a cliché (just because you are paranoid…) is cliché for a reason. Going to my place, I didn’t see the surveillance car right away. They weren’t dumb enough to park another van under my window, so it took me a minute to spot the conspicuously, inconspicuous sedan parked with a line of sight on my building.

Of course, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise considering the recent events. Rather, this is only another confirmation that we are doing something right with Warmongers, inc. Some people think there are some truths that shouldn’t be revealed, and this is the way they deal with those who bring them to light.
Last night, after a few days of careful planning, I went back to the office to retrieve a few hard drives and documents and wipe clean what I had to leave behind. (Is it still breaking and entering if it’s your own office? I wonder) So, after a long silence, we’re back in business. Off the grid, under the radar, but still broadcasting.

Welcome to Warmongers, inc.
Welcome to the real world.

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April 19, 2012


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