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April 4, 2012 | by winterm_te

one more thing


guys, i’m sure you were expecting james, but here i am again. james is back, but he has to deal with some personal stuff before he can get back to the blogging duties, so bear with me just one more time.

first thing — seems that some of you took at face value what was just a little april fool’s joke on our part. honestly, you really thought we were operated by the cia?? come on! look a little closely, and you’ll see their program has an interesting acronym, and that some names and codenames might have hidden meanings. you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

more seriously, there’s another thing. james has been urging me to write down some of the stuff i keep telling him about security and secrecy. well, i tried, and i now bring you my ‘hot keys to practical paranoia’. it’s uploaded along with the other files, you know where to find it. of course, i take absolutely no responsibility for what you might do with it. *snark*

have fun and be safe. logging off,

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April 4, 2012

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