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March 23, 2012 | by winterm_te

late news


i know, i know… i’m running late. there have been two updates this week, and no blog post yet. believe it or not, this week’s been hectic – again. i’m still handling the blogging duties, but the good news is, james might well be back next week… that’s a maybe, remember? james is notoriously late, so we’ll see how it turns out.

we saw some improved traffic on the site last week, and i’m happy to say that thanks to the efforts of our own ‘meanmf’ (am i only allowed to mention his nickname here? seriously, guys…) we eventually managed to crack a 50 year-old encryption. put like that, it’s not much of an accomplishment, but believe me, it was tough… but yay for us right? freedom of information and all. *snark*

last but not least, we’ve acquired a new batch of documents that we’re still processing (and by we, i mean yours truly). there’s a lot of incredibly boring government stuff in there, but there’s also a few things worth noticing. personally, i had never heard of this ‘cannibal’ program, but the budget seems awfully large for just dealing with psychiatrists turned serial killers… i’ll dig further and let you know when i get more.

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March 23, 2012

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  1. guys, no time to post today – james is back, gotta give him a hand with what he brought back. the last updated file should give you a taste of what to expect. more to come.
    logging off,

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