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March 15, 2012 | by winterm_te

another update


sorry to disappoint, guys, but it’s still winterm_te here. james is ok but still afk, so bear with me a little longer.

another week, another batch of files uploaded. seems i’m finally getting the hang of it, except for the blogging part. james got his hands on a new batch of grigori-related stuff, mainly linked to grigori’s girl. from what i gathered, james is also looking into grigori’s bodyguard, just like thibault suggested last week. great minds, etc.

i also uploaded some old coded messages that we got in an archive of classified documents. i know some of you guys have tried to decipher them, and believe me, i’ve done the same. but i’ve looked into what they used back then for their crypto, and i seriously doubt it’s something as simple as a substitution cipher. they didn’t have pgp, but that doesn’t mean their security wasn’t already pretty good. *snark* if you happen to have a cray available, feel free to have a go at it and make sense of that stuff. if not — doesn’t hurt to keep trying, tho.

that’s about it for this time. keep up the good work, guys, and i’ll try to do the same.
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March 15, 2012

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