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January 20, 2012 | by James Arger

Of needles and haystacks

Gustave Doré - "Orlando Furioso"

Remember the Christmas thrills you had as a kid? That special time when you were holding your breath to see what presents were waiting for you under the tree? That flutter in your chest, as you tore off the wrapping and finally found out what it was you had received? Well, this is pretty much how we feel every time we get new documents from one of our sources — you never know what you are going to get. Even after wading through too many pointless memos and boring Excel files, the thrill is still there – and this January batch looks very promising.

There are some files that are damaged beyond repair, encrypted archives we can’t break, password-protected areas that still elude us and of course, vast amounts of the meaningless junk our administration seems so eager to produce. But sometimes you get lucky, and lucky we got.

We’re still processing the data we have, but we’ve decided to post today the first files we’ve recovered. There are a couple of shots from what looks like a training session for a special operations unit, but unfortunately the document that was attached is too garbled to make anything out of it. There’s also a big protected file which we haven’t cracked… yet. I know it doesn’t amount to much, but I have high expectations for this batch. Hopefully, there will be more — so expect further updates in the days to come.

On another subject — the Internet is still free. Faced with a movement they most probably hadn’t expected, the lawmakers backed down. However important, this is but one victory. Be assured the supporters of these harmful laws are already at work, with the strong belief they’ll eventually have it their way — and as the alternative is unacceptable, once again, we will have to prove them wrong.
Welcome to the real world.

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January 20, 2012

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