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November 18, 2011 | by James Arger

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you go “meh”

Gustave Doré / Dante - The Hypocrites

Indifference. In a world where the media have decided to favor the spectacular over the important, where attention spans have become shorter than commercial breaks, indifference has become our worst enemy. We strive for fast solutions, for quick closure, for happy endings. We look at the realities of life with the same expectations as we do our entertainment: efficiently scripted and nicely packaged. Wars, revolutions, crises, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, corporate lay-offs and even sex scandals — they all make it to the front page, while the enduring difficulties faced by the populations in the aftermath of those events rarely do. Breaking news soon turns into old news, and old news quickly fades into no news at all.

When I first looked into the documents we’re making available on Warmongers inc., I was struck by how mundane some of those reports were. The most despicable behaviors, the most horrendous crimes, the most unbearable misery, all were met with the same dispassionate, business-as-usual attitude. Strange people with stranger customs killing each other over complex cultural divides that we can’t entirely grasp. Except this is not the case. This is not some far away land on the other side of the globe. This is happening right on our doorstep.

Some will point out that the US government took action. After all, the North American Joint Security Agreement was supposed to be the solution to all problems, hailed as an “historic new policy designed to share the policing responsibilities along the borders of these three countries and hopefully curtail the illegal immigration and movement of drugs, weapons and terrorists in the hemisphere.” But years passed, and the situation in Mexico remains the same. Once again, after a brief stint in the spotlight, we lost interest. We moved on. Shame on us.

So let’s go back to those documents. They might not be spectacular or impressive, but they bear witness. They tell a story, which, for its lack of flashiness, is nonetheless very cruel and worthy of our interest. They tell a story, but only if we take time to listen. From the harsh reality of life (and death) on the street to the cold cynicism of a corporate suit stating that “Conflict creates opportunity.” It’s all there, if you care enough to look.

And if you do so, little by little, you’ll end up seeing the big picture behind all this. A big picture made of corruption, collusion, coercion and worse. It’s there for you to find — if you take the time. The choice is yours. And remember — indifference is not an option.

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November 18, 2011

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