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From Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland

Broken News

When CNN was launched in June 1980, no one anticipated the tremendous impact the 24-hour news cycle would have on our media consuming habits. And yet, thirty years later, we expect live reporting, on-the-fly analyses and immediate reactions for any  every noteworthy and not-so-noteworthy event. We demand “here and now” more

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Orange Court by Gustave Doré

Fear of the Dark

The criminal underworld. For some reason, whenever I hear this expression, I think of the dark corners of the cities depicted in Dickens’ novels — of gloomy streets and menacing shadows, of moonless nights and unhealthy smog, of cold-blooded villains and pale-skinned victims. From these words, my mind pictures another more

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Piranesi – Carceri XIV

United we stand, divided we fall

It’s been a week since we went online. As is the case with most beginnings, there have been some stumbles and errors, some late night adjustments and last minute corrections. Growing pains, necessary yet annoying. But after a week of tweaking and debugging, it seems that the site is now more

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Gustave Doré / Dante - The Hypocrites

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you go “meh”

Indifference. In a world where the media have decided to favor the spectacular over the important, where attention spans have become shorter than commercial breaks, indifference has become our worst enemy. We strive for fast solutions, for quick closure, for happy endings. We look at the realities of life with more

November 14, 2011 | by James Arger | 1 comment

The Tyrants Foe, The Peoples Friend

Reality Check

I used to believe in the power of the press. I used to believe that our role was to inform, educate, and in our own, limited way, affect change in the world. I used to believe. But not anymore. Over the past decades, the power of the Fourth Estate has more

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